It is a shop where you can enjoy kuroge Wagyu beef with omi beef hida beef at the top. We also offer a wide variety of full-quality shabu-shabu.


What's New

2019June, 8 pm : Omi beef Japan's oldest traditional cow
From the middle of May, we added omi beef which had been planned to introduce it from advance to the menu, and the black hair japanese kind was enhanced further. We offer omi beef top calvi, kamiloin, sirloin, file, etc.
As a new menu, we made our original menu, such as Fille Sanseimori (Omi, Hida, Horyo), chef's special recommendation, and four kinds of special wagyu beef. Please enjoy it once by all means.
2019年1月28日 : Parking lot expansion max 30

2018年7月3日 : Sekiya brewing daiginjo empty Gin
Daiginjo sky and singing are we standing in senju. We are waiting for your visit your order.

2018年7月3日 : Rare beef horai cattle.
Always stay senju, thank you.
We are from the end of may, ultra rare beef, horai dealing in cattle (beef). While grade A5 filet is a rarity.
Please try.




Kami-Calbi Bento, Wagyu Pulcogi Bento, Hida Beef Rib Loin Bento

Omi beef Hida beef at the top, the basicWagyu beef with black hair japanese species"It offers.
And the other big difference is all seat to your diet個室Which is private between the customer able to defend.
Our motto "You back to the customer with a smile. Therefore our staff's best "Oh Mo Te na si ' to".

Name of store BBQ House senju
Store testimonials 日本最古の近江牛に飛騨牛・鳳来牛等、基本『黒毛和種』を提供している店です。
And the other big difference is that all seats to your diet is to your room (private room).
所在地 Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku Nakazawa-Cho 80-25
Hours of operation Weekday lunch.:11:00~14:30(ラストオーダー)
Dinner 17:00~24:00(Last orders 22:30)

Sundays and holidays:11:00~23:00(Last orders 21:30)(ランチメニュー14:30 ラストオーダー)
Closed Open every day(Closed new year's day only)
Tel. 053-471-6060
Budget ランチ880円(税込)~
Method of payment DINERS,AMEX,JCB,MASTER,VISA,Cash,E-money