It is a shop where you can enjoy kuroge Wagyu beef with omi beef hida beef at the top. We also offer a wide variety of full-quality shabu-shabu.


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2021December 1, 2008 : Information on year-end and New Year holidays
Thank you for staying with us. At the end of the year,12From Saturday, January 25 to Monday, January 10 of the New YearUntil thetoBusiness from lunchI will be.
It should be noted that,Closed on New Year's DayI'll be happy to do so
2021November 22, 2010 : Closed on weekdays
Thank you very much for staying with us.11Closed for lunch on weekdays from June 22We will be happy to do so. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding.
It should be noted that,Open from noon during weekends, holidays, year-end and New Year holidays, Golden Week, and Obon holidaysAnd we will be happy to do so. In that case, we will guide you by overhanging the website inside the store.
2021May 13, 2008 : Yakiniku Lunch Menu Revamped
Thank you for always using our store. As I guided you last time, we have revised yakiniku lunch menu. The lineup isdance1600yenInnocent2800yenOgiju Box2500yenbrilliant4200yenAnd the menu has decreased, but the contents have been upgraded several steps. EspeciallyOgiju BoxHas become very popular with women. Please enjoy it by all means.
2020September 30, 2010 : Price revision of take-out bento
10Take-out bento from May 8th, allJapanese beef useNotice of Price Revision by
1:和牛カルビBento 1,800 yen⇒1980yen
2:Wagyu Beef Calbi Bento 2,200 yen⇒2480yen
3:Wagyu Lean BeefBento 1,800 yen⇒1980yen(Old Loin Bento)
4:Wagyu lean beefBento 2,200 yen⇒2480yen(Old upper loin bento)
5:Wagyu Beef Special LoinBento 2,200 yen⇒2480yen(Former Hida Rib roast bento)
6:Special Selection OmakaseBento 3,500 yen⇒Unchanged

All bento boxes come with beef tongue, chestnut pork carbi, salad, namul, pickles and soup.

2020September 30, 2010 : Changes in the contents of products to Wagyu specialty stores and some product price increase
We have used domestic beef (hybrid) or American beef for some products,Almost entirely changed to a menu using Wagyu beefI was to do. Along with that,I'm going to change what I've written as loin to the correct display.I was. And we will raise the price of some products with the use of Wagyu beef. We are very distressed, but thank you for your understanding.
It should be noted that,Take-out yakiniku bentoRegarding, we will raise the price slightly with the use of wagyu beef.
The price increase will be implemented on October 8.I will be.
1.Yakiniku Lunch "Ogiju Box"

2.Yakiniku Lunch "Opulence"

3.Yakiniku Lunch "Innocent"

Please try high-quality meat with wasabi soy sauce.         (The photo is an image image.) )

Omi beef Hida beef at the top, the basicWagyu beef with black hair japanese species"It offers.
And the other big difference is all seat to your dietPrivateWhich is private between the customer able to defend.
Our motto "You back to the customer with a smile. Therefore our staff's best "Oh Mo Te na si ' to".

Name of store BBQ House senju
Store introduction sentence It is the oldest Omi beef in Japan, and it is a shop that offers the basic "Kuroge Japanese species" such as Hida beef and horyo beef.
And the other big difference is that all seats to your diet is to your room (private room).
location Shizuoka Prefecture Hamamatsu-Shi Naka-ku Nakazawa-Cho 80-25
business hours Weekday lunch.:11:00~15:00(Last Order 14:30)
Dinner 17:00-23:00(Last orders 22:00)

Sundays and Holidays:11:00~15:00(Lunch 14:30Last Order)
16:00-22:00(Last orders 21:00)
Closed Open every day(Closed on New Year's Day only)
TEL 053-471-6060
Budget Lunch 950 yen(税込)
Course menu 3,300 yen(Tax included) ~
Payment method DINERS,AMEX,JCB,MASTER,VISA,NICOS,cash,electronic money