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Price revision of take-out bento

10Take-out bento from April 8th, all prices are revised using Japanese beef 1: Wagyu Kalbi Bento 1800 yen ⇒1980 yen 2: Wagyu Kamikabi Bento 2200 yen ⇒2480 yen 3: Wagyu lean bento 1800 yen Yen⇒1980 yen (old loin bento) 4: Wagyu beef lean bento 2200 yen ⇒2,480 yen (old upper loin bento) 5: Wagyu special choice loin bento 2200 yen ⇒2,480 yen (former Hida rib roast bento) 6: Special selection omakase Bento 3500 yen⇒ All bento boxes come with beef tongue, chestnut pork carbi, salad, namul, pickles, soup. Language This page has been translated automatically. Please note that it may differ from the original content.

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