It is a shop where you can enjoy kuroge Wagyu beef with omi beef hida beef at the top. We also offer a wide variety of full-quality shabu-shabu.

Takeaway Menu

10Take-out bento from May 8th, allJapanese beef useNotice of Price Revision by
1:Wagyu KalbiBento 1,800 yen⇒1980yen 2:Wagyu Beef Calbi Bento 2,200 yen⇒2480yen 3:Wagyu Lean BeefBento 1,800 yen⇒1980yen 4:Wagyu lean beefBento 2,200 yen⇒2480yen 5:Wagyu Beef Special LoinBento 2,200 yen⇒2480yen 6:Special Selection OmakaseBento 3,500 yen⇒Unchanged All bento boxes come with beef tongue, chestnut pork carbi, salad, namul, pickles and soup.